Monday, October 22, 2012

Bomb sniffing dog with COD Jeep

I took this shot of Samson as he was checking out the Call of Duty Jeep Wrangler at the 2011 North American International Auto Show in Detroit Michigan. The State Police offer this service to ensure a quiet event.

jeep Farming Poster Ad

jeep Farming Poster Ad by lee.ekstrom
jeep Farming Poster Ad, a photo by lee.ekstrom on Flickr.
Classic art produced introducing the Jeep vehicle to the masses as a versatile Farm vehicle with a multitude of capabilities. Love the addition of a farm dog looking at the artist.

Loyal as a Dog

Untitled by Martin Gardner Photography
Untitled, a photo by Martin Gardner Photography on Flickr.
The Jeep vehicle during World War II was often compared to a loyal dog.

Scripps Howard WWII reporter Ernie Pyle once said, "It did everything. it went everywhere. Was as faithful as a dog, as strong as a mule, and agile as a goat. It constantly carried twice what it was designed for and still kept going."

Heidi with her dog pulls up to use phone

Another image from the Flickr Jeep Dogs group. Kids toys work just fine!